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What Google and Facebook Know About You

Important information about keeping the data stored by the world’s largest search engines on Facebook and the social network of social networking sites.

What Facebook Knows about you

Since the biggest scandal of Facebook data stealing, consumers have reservations about their security on the website of social contact. That is why many of the most renowned personalities around the world are announcing advertisements for completely eliminating their accounts, after which the Facebook administration decided to further strengthen privacy settings and create easy access to users.

What Google and Facebook Know About You

How Safe is Your Data Despite Social Troubleshooting Private Setting? We will let you know how much Facebook and Google know about their customers and what data can be hidden despite most security when we also see these two big networks how users’ data.

Big changes in Facebook privacy settings

Big changes in Facebook privacy settings are familiar with all the information and tasks of users with Google and Facebook smartphones that the user performs on their mobile phone online or offline, even so That user can also delete the data from your mobile, but Google keeps it safe to you. Talking to the world’s largest search engine, Google reserves the location of your users (if the location is turned on) it can be used for the first day to use your smartphone. Since a user with a smartphone is required to have a Google Account and through which he uses all of his devices, he is absolutely unaware that Google searches on all devices from the user.

What content keeps a separate place and even after the user delivers a search history from a mobile, laptop or computer, that source history is still protected by Google and completely delinquently with all devices.

What Google Know about You

Google also creates a fascinating profile related to its user’s information, which includes gender, age, place, interest, relationship status, etc. Google also protects all applications used by the user to keep track of when, when, how to connect them, and what’s done during that time. Even Google is aware of your sleeping hours.

What Google and Facebook Know About You

Images, videos, or any of the protected documents taken by users can not be avoided by Google’s eyes, and it is also safe to Google even after all the data is deleted by the user, and they may also be provided to you at any time. can do. Google also offers options for downloading the data stored to its users, which will be in case of documents as Facebook also provides the same option for saving data to consumers.

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